Webinar-Harness Your Energy -Build Your Resilience To Stress

We are most often tired out and worn out. Many of us report that we do not do anything to deal with our stress, mostly because we have very little energy left at the end of the day. Success in our high-pressure logistics world hinges not just on our knowledge, but also on our ability to recover and remain energized. The key is to understand our natural rhythms and work with them rather than against them in building our resiliency.

Resiliency can be learned. With three simple questions, this interactive workshop helps you to choose the most effective strategies based on the S-O-S Principle™ that will allow you to bounce back after a stressful situation, minimize your negative stress symptoms and reactions, and take back control of your mental energy.

After this presentation you'll be able to:

  • Proactively identify the various changes and challenges that are zapping their energy and negatively impacting your life
  • Understand the key concepts around chaos, stress and resiliency in order to implement the right plan
  • Recognize the harmful effects stress has on your body and the impact of ignoring these signs using our Personal Assessment Check List
  • Know how to recognize the early warning signs that stress is building up so that you can deal with it before it impacts your health
  • Ask three simple questions in developing a meaningful and relevant Personal Action Plan
  • Utilize various resiliency strategies based on the S-O-S PrincipleTM to increase and restore energy
  • Generate actionable ideas to overcome life's challenges and gain more happiness, satisfaction and joy

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7/24/2019 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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